Limentra is a successful industrial project developer of renewable energy plants. Founded in 2009 in the UK, Limentra group is now an international player. The founders have realized more than 100 megawatts:

  • Limentra Holding Ltd in Nicosia/Cyprus, heart of the group and holding company
  • Limentra Ltd in Watford close to London, development company, subsidiaries (better: offices?) in Bologna,Italy and Bremen, Germany; engaged since 2007 in the development of projects in the areas of photovoltaics and hydropower with start-up in Italy. Specialists team in Bologna. Experts network
  • Limentra Colombia S.A.S. in Medellin and Panama Limentra Corp S.A. for the local development.

Greenfield PV Projects – in 2009/2010 implementation of 6 MW in Apulia and 25 MW in the Marche region; since 2010 development of 20 greenfield sites in the provinces of Mantua and Cremona in parallel with 11 MW connected and with one authorized industrial site of 2,4 MW.

Rooftop PV Projects – since 2011 development of more than 5 MW in Italy in the provinces of Bologna and Modena; 1 MW roof top finished; 178 kW installed in Panama on the roof-top of a storage facility, partly autoconsumption; 287 kW installed in Copacabana (Antiochia), Colombia, autoconsumpton for an industrial customer.

Package solutions each site will all authorizations, permits and rights as turn key package.

Technical on site services Limentra is able to offer a comprehensive services package designed to customer wish, including the construction operations.

Hydropower development: projects developed in Italy for up to 5 MW. A first project  finished and running near Bologna, Italy.

Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile: Limentra is developing industrial roof-top and greenfield plants in Latin America. We are managing the development of several plant for an overall power of above 30 MW in Colombia, two 500 kW plants for the pharmaceutical industry in Uruguay and Argentina, and other plants in Panama and Chile.


Our strategy is quality from site selection up to grid connection. The quality is produced by our team of very experienced engineers, geologists, technicians, electrical designer and external experts. Therefore we can not only optimally select the best possible sites but as well minimize after running costs during construction and achieve record lead times for grid connection.